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Balancing Hormones “Flips the Switch” for Weight Loss

Natural Awakenings Health Briefs:

Balancing hormones is key to moving the body from fat storage to fat loss, says Lee Rossano, C.N.C. of Advanced Nutritional Solutions. Recognizing the difference between the good hormone leptin, and the bad hormone ghrelin is the first step and the focus of the practice's 16-year study.

The appetite suppressant and fat burner leptin signals the brain when the body is “full” and when to use stored fat for energy. With leptin-resistance, more food is required to feel satiated, leading to weight gain and obesity as well as an increase in leptin levels. Then, less leptin gets to the br ain to give it the fullness signal, resulting in the body requiring more food to survive.

Ghrelin, conversely, is the hormone responsible for hunger pangs, leading to late-night snacking and between-meal binges. As the hormone released during tense situations, it's the reason people stress-eat. With growing anxiety, more cortisol is produced, leading to adrenal fatigue. By lowering ghrelin, hunger and cravings are reduced, and stored body fat is used instead.

Better hormonal balance is achieved through individualized diet and lifestyle changes. By consuming high-fiber foods and animal protein at each meal, damage caused by processed foods and simple sugars is limited.

A minimum of seven hours' sleep nightly prevents sleep deprivation as well as ghrelin surges leading to appetite and hunger.
Reducing stress prevents cortisol over-abundance; tension dissipates with exercise, like yoga, or moderate daily activities, like walking or stretching. Relaxing pastimes keep the body on track, as will avoiding toxic relationships.

Finally, a balanced diet with supplements also keeps hormones in check, as does awareness of food sensitivities and staying on a personalized diet plan.

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