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Profile DNA Weight Loss

Multi-Phased Program Uses Genetic Markers
for Weight Loss and Wellness


Natural Awakenings Health Briefs: Multi-Phased Program Uses Genetic Markers for Weight Loss and Wellness
Charlyce "Charlie" Walsh

Profile DNA Weight Loss and Wellness is the brainchild of Charlyce "Charlie" Walsh, a registered nurse trained as a nurse practitioner, who was a researcher in the area of weight loss and maintenance for 10 years.

The basis of the program" says Walsh, "is the belief that each person must be treated individually. There is no 'one approach for everyone.' To that end, recent discovery of genetic markers specific for weight and personal wellness have become available to clinicians for use with individuals wishing to lose weight and more importantly, keep it off. "

Walsh’s approach is real food, in the right portions, at the right times. There are no shakes, bars or pre-made foods; no drugs or hormones.

"You can’t and shouldn’t live on those for the rest of your life," she says, "not and be healthy! Using good food in delicious recipes can be very effective in rapid weight loss and long-term maintenance."

The total program is divided into several phases.

First is the weight loss phase, where weight loss can be from 25-45 pounds depending on the person's need. A total body analysis is done, and an introduction to vibratory therapy.

"Homeopathic detoxification and metabolic support are started early," explains Walsh, "to aid the body in flushing toxins that are released when fat cells break down and to assist the body in breaking down the abnormal fat."

Individuals are seen once a week by Walsh to ensure the process is maximally successful.

The DNA portion of the program starts at the beginning of the program with a cheek-swab to procure cells for analysis. The specimen is then sent to a central lab, with results in 6 to 8 weeks.

This is timed so that the results are available when the, second, "maintenance" phase begins and foods are reintroduced to assess the body’s response.

"Coupled with the DNA results," says Walsh, "the person now knows what foods are well-received by their body and which may be problematic. Additionally, the DNA will indicate what exercise is appropriate for that person based on their muscle type."

The third phase, a unique feature of this program, is the one-year follow-up.

"In other programs," Walsh explains, "people lose weight, then go back to prior habits and are surprised the weight comes back. The secret is that it takes about one year to reset the brain’s set-point for weight. The one-year offering of the program helps to keep individuals focused through this critical phase."

The Profile DNA Weight Loss and Wellness plan is well-suited to clients with diabetes, hypertension or cholesterol issues.

"Many individuals have decreased or have been able to discontinue medications with weight loss," says Walsh. "Partnering with a clinician ensures it is done in a healthy, safe manner."

Profile DNA Weight Loss is located at 3965 Telegraph Rd., Bloomfield Hills. For information or to schedule a free consultation, call 248-792-5168 or visit:

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