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Make Sure Indoor Air is Safe to Breathe

Natural Awakenings News: Make Sure Indoor Air is Safe to Breathe

MoldPro chemical-free mold remediation and testing service has been serving Southeast Michigan since 2011 with years of experience working with homeowners to test and eliminate mold and return homes to an ecologically safe condition.

Those suffering from allergies, asthma or respiratory issues will receive a detailed, 20-page report from an independent lab that will provide information about what types of mold and at what levels are present. Once this is determined, a healthy chemical-free strategy will be put in place to get the home’s air back to normal.

As a certified chemical-free mold remediation company, MoldPro knows that many techniques used today will not get to the root of the mold and may further deteriorate a home’s physical and ecological condition. They remove the source of the contamination and restore the indoor air quality with methods and materials that are genuinely effective and safe without harmful chemicals to treat or remove the mold.

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