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You Are What You Breathe

Natural Awakenings News: You Are What You Breathe

MoldPro provides clients with safe, ecologically healthy air in their homes as the only chemical-free mold remediation company in southeastern Michigan. As a certified mold inspector, they can offer independent lab mold testing and a 20-page report which is reviewed with the customer to determine if there is mold, what types of mold they may or may not have, and then determine a strategy to make their home healthy again.

John DuBois has been the owner and project manager for MoldPro for more than seven years and a licensed general contractor for more than 20 years. He is a certified mold remediator and inspector through both national bodies of mold remediation, the National Association of Mold Professionals and the Institute of Inspection Cleaning Restoration Certification.

MoldPro also does mold remediation (repair) work as a licensed general contractor, including restoring damaged areas and remove the source of the mold. That means customers don’t have to contact a drywall company, a carpet company, a mold company and a roofing company to handle all the different aspects of a project.

“With one call, we can do all that needs done, from the inspection to the final clean-up,” says DuBois. “We aim to make our clients’ lives not only healthier, but easier during the process. One initial meeting, one proposal, one invoice and one project manager. Much less for them to manage. We offer consultation and prevention services as well, to help educate them about how to prevent mold, and information concerning mold.”

Natural Awakenings News: You Are What You Breathe

In the industry, his outlook is unique. “We are not going to just come into a home and spray a bunch of harmful chemicals around to 'treat’ mold or put up an encapsulant paint to cover up the mold,” says DuBois. “We are concerned with the cause of the mold, making sure that it is fixed and then chemically free removing the mold and mold root. After that, if there is any other build back or contracting work that needs done to make sure the home is in a complete, safe and healthy state, we make sure it is done properly and thoroughly.”

DuBois notes that MoldPro has been able to help people that suffer from mold biotoxin illness, or chronic inflammatory response syndrome, to live a much healthier life in their home. “These clients can’t have a mold company who uses chemicals come into their home; it would only make their condition worse,” says DuBois. “We are able to get their home back to an ecologically healthy condition so they don’t have to move if they have mold. It is very fulfilling to be able to help them live healthier lives. These are folks who have allergies, asthma, chronic cough, chronic fatigue and other symptoms who just aren’t getting well. Between their doctor, who hopefully has the same philosophy that we do—getting to the cause of the problem and is treating them, and us, who helps to 'heal’ their home, we have a solution! We are very specialized in this area.”

DuBois notes that society as a whole is becoming more educated about overall health and wellness and that what we breathe is a big part of that. “Breathing chemicals just isn’t a good thing for our bodies. We are visiting with more doctors of osteopathy and homeopathic doctors who understand this and want to provide to their patients suffering from mold biotoxin illness a company that can help them with the air they are breathing in their homes. We are also visiting with more Realtors in the area who have home buyers who want to make sure what they are moving into is a healthy home for their families. We are sharing on social media more and more about who we are and our services.”

MoldPro is located at 247 W. Main St., Milan, MI. For more information, call 734-439-8800 or visit

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