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A Walk in the Woods

Forest Bathing Cleanses the Body Naturally


The simple activities of sitting or walking in the woods to feel the ambiance, known as “forest bathing,” have wide-ranging health benefits. The term “forest bathing” has been around since 1982, when the Japanese government created the term Shinrin-yoku (meaning “taking in the forest atmosphere” or “forest bathing”). However, the concept has existed in the U.S. from the time of Native Americans.

“Forest bathing is not a fad," says Robert Milne, owner of Acorn Lodge & Trails in Lapeer, MI. "It works. Literally every plant, flower, blossom, tree, pine needle and more contribute to the antibiotic and natural healing qualities of being outside in the woods. Humanity was born into this environment. Over the eons the environment never changed, but humanity left everything outside and moved into concrete enclaves. Many visitors to our retreat discover forest bathing and the other offerings here, and fall in love with it."

Research from the U.S. and Japan has uncovered that forest bathing lowers blood pressure, reduces depression and anxiety, reduces pain, boosts immunity and mood and improves sleep. Trees release naturally antiinflammatory terpenes and naturally antibiotic oxygen into the air, and these are believed to be the chemical sources of the health benefits.

For more information on the experience of forest bathing or his Lapeer retreat, call Robert Milne at 810-441-0021 or visit their website: LapeerAcornLodge.com. Acorn Lodge & Trails is located at 3519 Stanley Rd., Lapeer.

  • Issue: April 2024


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