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Boost Your Immunity with Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

The spine, specifically the upper cervical spine, could be seen as the backbone of the immune system.

Boost Your Immunity with Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care - Dr. Rion Peddy with patient
Dr. Rion Peddy with patient

The spine, specifically the upper cervical spine, could be seen as the backbone of the immune system. Upper cervical care is a unique branch of healthcare within the chiropractic profession that focuses on proper alignment of the upper vertebrae in the neck. The importance of these vertebrae (the first called C1 or the atlas, the second called C2 or the axis) for immunity has to do with the vital structures it surrounds.

“This area is critical for regulating the body’s inflammatory response,” explains Dr. Rion Peddy, chiropractor at Upper Cervical Wellness Center in West Bloomfield, MI. "If one of the upper two bones becomes misaligned, two things happen. First, it irritates or interferes with the brain stem and reduces brain-to-body communication. Wherever those messages were intended to go, whether it is the feet, kidney, pancreas, heart, lungs, eyes or ears, it is going to malfunction due to neurovascular insult. Second, consider the upper spine a kinetic chain, connected from the head to toe. If either of the top two bones becomes misaligned, the rest of the body must compensate or adapt, resulting in total body imbalance."

“In the end, a person's health and physical body can be compromised,” adds Peddy. "This misalignment can be corrected with a noninvasive upper cervical chiropractic adjustment, setting the patient up for stronger responses to viruses and infections."
In his practice, Dr. Peddy uses the Atlas Orthogonal, a noninvasive, sonar wave-based instrument (shown above).

For more information, contact Dr. Rion Peddy at 248-862-5355 or visit his website:

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