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Develop a Stronger Voice to Build Emotional and Physical Strength

 by Rong Liu

If, as an adult, it is challenging to express true thoughts and feelings to authority figures such as bosses and teachers or to a romantic partner, it is essential to reflect on childhood experiences, which may be the root of the present challenge. These early experiences may have restricted the ability to speak freely, causing feelings of words being stuck in the throat and hesitation.

When unable to convey one’s true emotions and voice, there is a risk of feeling unsupported by others. This emotional suppression might manifest physically, leading to symptoms such as persistent coughing, shoulder tension and even issues like thyroid imbalances. Here is why adults may struggle to express themselves authentically in authority roles or intimate relationships, considering childhood experiences.

Impact of early intimacy: Relationships with caregivers in early life shape one’s emotional expression. If childhood lacked support or required excessive compliance, adults may tend to be submissive or avoid expressing genuine emotions in relationships.

Formation of communication patterns (fear and conflict avoidance): Interaction patterns with caregivers can shape communication styles. If expressing true thoughts wasn’t always accepted or understood during childhood, individuals may learn to suppress their voices to avoid conflict or rejection.

Self-perception and confidence (anxiety and negative self-evaluation): Early experiences, if negative, also influence self-perception and confidence levels. Lack of recognition of one’s own worth can lead to excessive reliance on external validation for support and acceptance.

Physiological responses and physical health: The close connection between psychological states and physical health is crucial. When unable to express oneself authentically, internal stress may accumulate, leading to various physical symptoms.

To confidently and honestly express one’s voice in any situation is a form of liberation. The liberation is a process, and different aspects of childhood experiences may need to be addressed based on individual experiences.

Rong Liu is a Licensed Rapid Transformation Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist practicing in east Michigan. For more information, call 313-409-1680 or visit her website at: sites.google.com/view/heartstring-healing


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