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Perfect for events with admission price over $35 and requiring a more prominent presence in the Calendar and/or those needing an email address or website in the listing.

Please submit your listing based on our guidelines:
• Separate listings will need to be submitted individually.
• Listing base price includes 70 words total, including address, title, cost and address. Extra words available for a fee of $1 each word.
• We will contact you to arrange payment separately.
Any fields entered with ALL CAPITAL LETTERS may incur additional layout/setup fees to correct (no caps used in any sections including title).
• Although we strive to maintain the accuracy of published submissions, we do not accept responsibility for publication of information that has been submitted to us with errors, including dates, phone numbers, addresses, etc.

Select your listing type:
Current Advertiser - Base price $49/month.*
Non-Advertiser - Base price $99/each per month.*
* plus cost for additional words, if any or discounts for running multiple months.

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If you have information that won't fit in a particular fields, make a notation in the "Comments" field at the end of the form and we'll do our best to accommodate you.


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Base price includes 30 words, which with the other items totals nearly 100 words. $1 for each add'l word over 30 in the description area.

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Select your applicable monthly rate:
- I am a current advertiser:  $   monthly
- 1 month without other existing advertising:  $   monthly
- 2-6 months without other advertising, or if you distribute NA: $   monthly
- Please contact me with pricing for running a listing for longer than 6 months, to run multiple listings or other questions.

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