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Board certified in Functional/Regenerative Medicine with over 30 years' experience.

Dr. Keri Topouzian, "Dr. T", is an osteopathic physician that is board certified in Functional Medicine and Emergency Medicine with 30+ years experience. In his practice, he focuses on preventing and predicting disease and to seek out the root/underlying cause of a patient's complaints. As an example, when a patient comes in with an autoimmune condition like Hashimoto's, DR.T will look for an underlying cause; such as a chronic smoldering infectious process, food sensitivities, heavy metal exposure, etc.

Dr. Topouzian utilizes bio-identical hormones, pharmaceutical grade nutrients (that you can find at this webstore), intravenous therapies, as well as new, old & forgotten science based treatment options while utilizing a myriad of specialty labs for testing.

How You Can Benefit From Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Therapies

IV therapy can be more effective at correcting nutritional deficiencies than taking oral supplements. IVs bypass the digestive system and head straight for the cell. For example, if you are low on hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes, you do not absorb all the benefits of oral supplements. Patients sometimes need intravenous IVs until their gut heals.

Generally, nutritional IVs contain vitamins and minerals. High doses of vitamin C are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and required for healing of tissues.

B vitamins are almost always included in the IV treatments, because all the vitamins and their mineral co-factors are used heavily when there is illness, to make enzymes.

Magnesium is good for many things, including pain, muscle spasms, depression and migraine headaches.

A nutritional IV may also contain phospholipids to aid in cell membranes healing. Lipoic acid may be administered because it is protective and healing to the liver; it is especially good for hepatitis.

​Many chronic illnesses & conditions stem from your body’s INABILITY to absorb and utilize nutrients that are required to sustain the health of every individual cell in your body; the entrance door is closed and nothing can get in.

On the back side, this means that your body is also unable to get rid of all the byproducts, “leftovers” & toxins… the exits are closed as well.

Intravenous therapies bypass the above blockades and help with their removal by strengthening all of your body’s cells and enhancing your detoxification organs.

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