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Online and in-person classes and hypnosis sessions now available!

We are a state licensed school of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Established in 2001 to provide an in-depth and comprehensive course for those interested in becoming certified in hypnosis, as well as for those interested in personal enrichment. In addition to our excellent 120 hour initial certification course, advanced courses in medical hypnosis are available. We also offer continuing education through an advanced professional series of classes.

For students to achieve a more thorough education, classes include lecture, demonstration and practicum. Upon graduation, graduates receive many benefits:

  • One-year free membership in the Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group
  • Access to a complete library of hypnosis scripts and programs
  • Client flyers and letters ready for duplication
  • Free mentoring with our instructors

For over a decade, we have been serving clients with personalized online hypnosis sessions locally, nationally and internationally.

Call for a free phone consultation.

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Foot Reflexology Session w/Aromatherapy
Old 13 Mile Road, Warren
25 November 2020
$55.00 $65.00 (-15%)
Per hour session
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Old 13 Mile Road, Suite 110, Warren, Michigan 48093

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