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3 Plant-Based Remedies Help Cleanse Heavy Metals

Many people have metal inside of them and experience negative health effects from it. Toxic exposure to metals such as nickel and titanium from implants and surgically placed devices such as clips can affect kidneys, lungs and skin and can even contribute to cancer, based on several research studies and U.S. Food and Drug Administration reports.

However, three plant-based remedies can help cleanse the body from heavy metals inside it. This is an allergic reaction of sorts to an excessive amount of heavy metals, so things that are antihistamine by nature make the difference in surviving. 

Juicing, specifically celery juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, is the greatest antihistamine out there. This is what neutralizes the toxins from the metal in the body that feed an inflammatory response, sapping energy and increasing pain. Starting at 4 ounces and titrating all the way up to 32 ounces every morning can decrease inflammation as well as pain. This remedy comes from Anthony William, also known online as Medical Medium. It’s specifically the sodium cluster salts within the celery juice that neutralize the toxins. This is an effective antihistamine. 

The 90 Essential Nutrients is a supplement program developed by Joel Wallach, a veterinarian turned naturopathic doctor. Like machines, bodies require a solid foundation of tools and this program incorporates everything needed in a balanced form to serve the body and not rob it by fractional nutrition. Plant-derived minerals formulated by Wallach are key to removing excessive heavy metals. In addition, people can include other supplements in the diet that Medical Medium teaches that naturally bring down heavy metals, such as cilantro and spirulina.

Medical Cannabis
“Medical” means clean (free of microbials, pesticides, and heavy metals) and focused dosing. Medical cannabis not only is a bio-accumulator, cleaning heavy metals from the soil, but also helps clean excessive heavy metals from the system. Medical cannabis also is 40 times stronger than hydrocortisone (a steroid that is typically used to stop a severe allergic reaction). It helps with the stress response, which is important because having a foreign object in the body immediately activates an immune response.  While it may not be possible to undo the events that lead to placement of metal in the body, there are ways to clean out the effects of that metal. The difference in surviving is all in the diet, and the power is all in the plants.

Maria Lappin is a cannacian trainer and owner of CannaConsultYou? For more information, call her at 586-484-4378 or visit 


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