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Optimal Wellness Program in Auburn Hills

Local Functional Medicine Practice Connects Education With Natural Healthcare

Natural Awakenings News: Optimal Wellness Program in Auburn Hills

For the past two years Waller Wellness Center has enhanced their patient success by offering an educational program alongside alternative medical care in their Optimal Wellness Program.

"By taking people through an educational process that empowers them to take action steps to improve their health," says Catherine A. Waller, M.D., owner of Waller Wellness Center, "they get better resolution from frustrating medical problems."

To encourage the community to consider new ways to pursue wellness through this program, they offer free monthly lectures on current health topics at their office. The next lecture, "Anti-Aging Secrets to Change Your Life," takes place on Tuesday, October 15.

Other lectures include "5 Things That Trigger Food Allergies," On Tuesday, November 19 and "7 Ways to Jump-Start Your Weight Loss" on Tuesday, December 17. All lectures run from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. During the lectures, those who attend will hear details about Functional and Anti-Aging Medicine and how they can participate in the Optimal Wellness Program.

"We understand that change is hard, takes time and needs the guidance of experts in their field," adds Dr. Waller. "We utilize nurses, physical therapists, dietitians, health coaches, and trainers with years of experience to deliver healing guidance each step of the way and offer fun ways to learn nutrition, cooking, green living, detoxification, hormone balance, mindfulness and fitness. With the collaboration of multiple experienced practitioners, regular health coaching through classes and private sessions, the program is rich with helpful solutions, clarity and practical steps to implement a healthy lifestyle."

Waller Wellness Center is located at 1854 W. Auburn Rd., Suite 400, Auburn Hills. For more information or to RSVP for a lecture, call 248-844-1414 or visit

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