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Quantum Physics and Personal Energy Balance

Wellness Center Optimizes Health with Bioenergetic Alignment

Sarah Lipow

Kairos Holistic Wellness Center in Davison specializes in bioenergetic alignment of the human biofield to maintain wellness. Sarah Lipow, who has a bachelor’s degree in holistic health from Quantum University and is working on her master’s and doctoral degrees in natural medicine, and Diane Sobecki-Ryniak, who holds her master’s in public health and her doctorate in research and energy science, are the practitioners. The connection between quantum physics and personal energy balance is the focus of the center.

Lipow says, “We work with your electromagnetic energy field to help move your system into coherence or regulation. Your energy can cause disturbances within your system. Moving into coherence allows the body to rebalance and align. We are teaching people how to take care of themselves and teaching people how to take control.”

She adds, “The human biofield is a field of energy and information that surrounds and penetrates the physical body. An external stimulus can enter the field, creating a collapse of information leading to an emotion or a feeling and eventually leading to a physiological response of the bodily system.”

The center is open Monday through Friday by appointment. Kairos Holistic Wellness Center is located at 107 E. 3rd St., Davison. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 810-652-8084.

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  • Issue: June 2024


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