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Self-Refinement Goodies

Launching the Embassy of Life Mastery 2020 Conference

Natural Awakenings News: Self-Refinement Goodies

From October 30 through November 1 the Embassy of Life Mastery (ELM) introductory conference will be held in Shepherd, MI. The conference will provide an authentic and scholarly experience that will ignite inspiration, soul development and be a smorgasbord of self-refinement goodies.

An array of eclectic Instructors will guide those who attend through the many paths of self-exploration, community development and planetary change. Included are: keynote speaker Douglas Gabriel, contributing writer of the original Star Wars series; hands-on workshops; organic food by local chefs; numerous high-quality vendors; speakers; and an evening festival with food and entertainment.

The mission of The Embassy of Life Mastery is to guide those seeking a personalized transformative experience to cultivate physical, mental, and spiritual growth, leading to self mastery. Through this process, one will be able to harmonize the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding necessary to steward community and planetary healing.

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