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Simple Steps to Detoxify Your Mind
Make a Fresh Start by Setting Intentions and Letting the Rest Go
by Nancy Warnars

Simple Steps to Detoxify Your Mind,

Our minds are programmed from very early times sitting around our kitchen tables. Think back to the conversations. Some of the experiences have had long-lasting effects on how life is viewed. Some have been downright painful and toxic and stifled growth. To get your power back, put your proverbial foot down, and then start anew with these simple steps.

Tips to detoxify your mind:

1As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, take a deep breath in. For a count of five (use your thumb to your little finger), hold it. Then breathe out while counting back down. Do at least four sets.

2Start off with an intention in your mind: “I intend to have a good day. I am one with happiness, joy and abundance. I am grateful for the good parts of my life. I appreciate my uniqueness and what I offer is valuable.” Instead of running the old tape, put this one in. You are your best cheerleader.

3Keep this intention as your running theme throughout your day. Give yourself breaks throughout your day to reaffirm your good intention and to smile.

4Being a good steward of your body can also help detoxify the mind. Try going out in nature or going out to exercise. Drinking water increases the brain’s temperature and gets rid of toxins and dead cells, so drink more water.

5Continue detoxifying the mind by paying attention to how you are using your words and to what resentments are holding you back. Words either power up or power down. How are you using your words? Are they more up or down? Let go of resentments because resentments are not worth the energy. Love instead of hate.

6Don’t waste another day letting the past steer the future when there are solutions and brighter days ahead. Let it go. Empower yourself to restart your life and enjoy new beginnings.

Nancy Warnars, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) is with Absolute Choices Today Counseling. For information or immediate tele-therapy appointments for depression, anxiety, ADHD or recovery, call 248-845-0513 or visit her website at: AbsoluteChoicesTherapy.com. Her office is located in in East Lansing, MI.

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