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Clarkston Practitioner Offering New Organic Medical Grade Probiotic

Natural Awakenings News: Clarkston Practitioner Offering New Organic Medical Grade Probiotic

Laura Kovalcik, DO, of The Downing Clinic in Clarkston is now offering a new medical grade probiotic, Doctor’s Biome. The next-generation probiotic is available on the clinic’s website for online ordering with a coupon code.

She says, “Extensively researched and scientifically backed data has been used by doctors to select the 15 strains in this product. These probiotics or 'healthy bacteria’ compete against a spectrum of harmful bacteria and yeasts and help rebalance the gut and support healthy digestion. Product features include a 100% organic blend of vegetable and fruit juices; living, active, concentrated, healthy cultures; digestion regulation and reduction of bloating; immune system strengthening; 27 billion colony-forming units in a single daily two-ounce serving; and two-month shelf life while at room temperature or four months while in the refrigerator. Go to our website under 'Products’ for ordering details and a coupon code.”

The Downing Clinic has used natural healing therapies where possible since 1991, helping patients in avoiding use of prescription medications unless necessary. The staff offer several alternative therapies that are effective in treating a number of common conditions. Treatment plans are tailored to individual needs, based on history and conditions. Natural healing therapies include acupuncture, electrodermal screening, ion cleanse foot baths, IV therapy and Rolfing. The clinic's holistic approach helps ensure harmony of mind, body and spirit while improving energy, function, and a sense of well-being.

The Downing Clinic is located at 5715 Bella Rose Blvd., Ste. 100, Clarkston. For more information, call the clinic at 248-625-6677 or visit


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