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Why We Need Wild Places, Image: danita delimont/AdobeStock.comWhy We Need Wild Places  
How to Invite Nature Back into Our Lives and Landscapes  

On a blustery day, Julian Hoffman stood outdoors and watched wild bison grazing in the restored grassland of Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, fewer than 50 miles from downtown Chicago. For him, it was a wild place, affording a glimpse of what North America looked like hundreds of years ago when...

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The Bounty of Farmers Markets, Image: rawpixel/AdobeStock.comThe Bounty of Farmers Markets  
Buying Local Boosts Health, the Economy and the Planet  

Throughout the nation, an estimated 8,000 farmers markets offer some of the freshest food available anywhere. Often open on weekend mornings or select weeknights, these nutritional meccas allow local farmers to sell their fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat and dairy directly to consumers, thereby providing an attractive business channel for...

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Buzz-Free Drinking, Image: photo courtesy of Kerry Benson and Diana LicalziBuzz-Free Drinking  
The Healthy Rise of Non-Alcoholic Beverages  

As a former bartender, Katie Cheney enjoys mixing drinks for friends, and one night recently, in her San Francisco apartment, she tried out something new: an alcohol-free “Noquila Sunrise” made with a distilled,...

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Eating for the Planet, Image: vector mine/AdobeStock.comEating for the Planet  
Diet for sustainability  

What we choose to put on our plates influences not only our physical health, but also the health of the environment. While much of the climate conversation focuses on the burning of fossil fuels, commercial food production—particularly livestock—uses large amounts of land, water and energy. Wasted food contributes...

Spirited Strides, Image: maridav/AdobeStock.comSpirited Strides  
Power Walk to Better Fitness  

We all know that the more steps we take in a day the better. The Mayo Clinic advocates walking regularly to keep bad cholesterol in check, maintain a heart-healthy weight and keep blood pressure within a normal range. Power walking—going a mile in...

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Spring is a State of Mind, Image: tsuguliev/AdobeStock.comSpring is a State of Mind  

Every year, spring lifts us from lethargy, her blossomed enthusiasm nudging us to take down the curtains for an annual wash, clean out the closets, and plot this year’s garden. If we...

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Pest Control, Image: alexei_tm/AdobeStock.comPest Control  
Keeping Dogs Safe from Ticks and Fleas  

Fleas and ticks are different types of pests; so, when considering how best to protect a dog, it is important to make a distinction—fleas are an annoyance, but ticks can be life-threatening. Many veterinarians recommend...

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Nature Speaks, Image: natalia/AdobeStock.comNature Speaks  
Storytelling Connects Kids to the Natural World  

Children are natural storytellers with imaginations that shape their play and learning. In outdoor settings, everything from puddles to pine cones can engage children and draw them closer to the natural world, opening up a...

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Expiration Dates, Image: lanych/AdobeStock.comExpiration Dates  
When to Eat or Toss Food  

Americans waste about 40 percent of the food supply every year, which translates to billions of pounds of edible food rotting in landfills and generating dangerous greenhouse gases, along with...

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Heal from the Inside Out, Image: Healthy Holistic Skin Care 
- We check the mirror daily for healthy, glowing skin and have a daily skin care routine. That routine becomes more complicated when seasons change, our bodies age and new products hit the shelves. Each person’s skin requires a different type of attention and care. The holistic approach...

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