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Unplugged Adventures , Image: ondreicka/AdobeStock.comUnplugged Adventures   
Eco-Tripping for a Digital Detox  

Smartphones come in handy for emergencies or checking directions while traveling, but a brief glance at a website or social media can quickly turn into a lengthy scroll session, distracting us from why we go on vacation in the first place. For those that want to truly...

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Container gardening offers something for everyone, from beginners to seasoned green thumbs. Growing vegetables, flowers and herbs in pots can be cost-effective, inspiring and tailored for any urban balcony or country patio.The perks of planting in pots include a reduced risk of disease spreading from one crop to another, fewer...

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Why We Need Wild Places, Image: danita delimont/AdobeStock.comWhy We Need Wild Places  
How to Invite Nature Back into Our Lives and Landscapes  

On a blustery day, Julian Hoffman stood outdoors and watched wild bison grazing in the restored grassland of Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, fewer than 50 miles from downtown Chicago. For him, it was a wild place, affording a glimpse of what North America looked like hundreds of years ago when...

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The Bounty of Farmers Markets, Image: rawpixel/AdobeStock.comThe Bounty of Farmers Markets  
Buying Local Boosts Health, the Economy and the Planet  

Throughout the nation, an estimated 8,000 farmers markets offer some of the freshest food available anywhere. Often open on weekend mornings or select weeknights, these nutritional meccas allow local farmers to sell their fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat and dairy directly to consumers, thereby providing an attractive business channel for...

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The 411 on Styrofoam, Image: GrabillCreative/GettyImages.co,The 411 on Styrofoam  
Why We Should Just Say No  

Because it is heat-resistant, extremely lightweight and relatively sturdy, Styrofoam is commonly used for takeout food and beverage containers, egg cartons, craft materials, home insulation and product packaging. The harm it causes to...

Secondhand Fashion, Image: stokkete/AdobeStock.comSecondhand Fashion  
Online Used Clothing Stores Good for the Wallet and Planet  

The online commerce of used clothing is booming. According to ThredUp.com, a prominent virtual consignment and thrift store, the secondhand market is projected to double in the next five years, reaching a whopping...

The Electric Vehicle Revolution, Image: In a pinch, the Ford F-150 electric pickup can power a house.The Electric Vehicle Revolution  
Moving Toward an All-EV Future this Year  

Almost certainly, electric cars are in everyone’s future. Not only are automakers—from General Motors and Volvo to Rolls-Royce and Bentley—pledging to stop producing gas and diesel cars, but a long list of countries in Europe and Asia plus three U.S. states are planning to ban them by 2040 or earlier, often citing...

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Greening the Holidays, Image: tanyajoy/AdobeStock.comGreening the Holidays  
How to Celebrate Sustainably  

With every record-setting storm and catastrophic fire, more people are realizing that we are embroiled in a climate crisis. Consider this holiday season as an opportunity not just to make sustainable choices, but also to take strategic action that positively impacts the planet and inspires friends and family to...

Eco-Decor for the Home, Image: brizmaker/AdobeStock.comEco-Decor for the Home  
How to Buy Sustainable Furnishings  

While comfort and beauty are clear priorities when shopping for furnishings, sustainability and health should be, too. By asking the right questions and doing a little up-front research, consumers have the power to appoint their sanctuaries with non-toxic, ecologically responsible items that are...

Water Scarcity Woes, Image: den VIII/AdobeStock.comWater Scarcity Woes  
A Global Problem That’s Getting Worse   

Water scarcity is a legitimate concern. It is true that the hydrologic cycle, the process in which the Earth circulates water throughout its ecosystems, is a closed-loop cycle that neither adds nor takes away water. In theory, the amount of water on Earth will...

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