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Integrative Approaches Enhance Healing

Modern chiropractors are often seen primarily as pain specialists, yet their care can encompass much more. While the common focus is better health through spinal manipulation, the origins of chiropractic are manifold. Typical approaches for...

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Forever FlexibleForever Flexible
Keep Joints Naturally Healthy

Thirty-seven percent of American adults 18 and older suffer from arthritis—a catch-all term for a dozen varieties of joint disease—according to the nonprofit Arthritis Foundation. One in two men and two in three women 65 or older may have it, estimates a recent Boston University study. Due to increasing obesity rates and autoimmune disorders, it’s also impacting 8 million...

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Meditative MelodiesMeditative Melodies
How Sound Deepens Meditation

When life is stressful, we know we need to relax. The question is how. Many wonderful ways involve combining music with a meditation practice. Although we...

Natural Ways to Reduce Pain

Chronic pain affects 100 million Americans, with annual treatment costs reaching $635 billion, according to the Institute of Medicine. Worse, opiate-derived pain medications, conventional medicine’s...

Local Alternatives for Relieving PainLocal Alternatives for Relieving Pain
Michigan Practitioners Share Their Expertise

There are many natural ways to alleviate pain. Here, local practitioners explain what their modalities are and their specific benefits based on previous...

Multilevel HealingMultilevel Healing
Embracing All Dimensions of Well-Being

Dr. Wayne Jonas’ curiosity was piqued after hearing stories of patients that have experienced healing from chronic illnesses or reclaimed well-being without following...

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All-Natural BeautyAll-Natural Beauty
Health Concerns Revolutionize the Cosmetics Industry

From red carpets to Teen Vogue magazine, the natural beauty trend has taken the industry by storm. Consumer whims may have sparked its beginnings more than a decade ago, but demand is now...

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Health Detectives, Image: Functional Medicine (FM) seeks to identify where the breach in the immune system occurred (or is more likely to occur if you are looking at well-care), that in time leads to...

Naturopathic Medicine , Image: Naturopathic medicine is foundational medicine and a must for anyone seeking optimal health. It seeks to find the root cause of a person's illness and imbalance, and connects...

Structured Water, Magnetism and the Essence of Health

Structured Water, Magnetism and the Essence of Health

We have all heard the saying “you are what you eat” but who has ever heard that “you are what you drink?” Nearly everyone understands that it...

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