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The Minimalist Family The Minimalist Family
Trading Clutter for Calm

When Denaye Barahona, of New York City, became a parent, she felt compelled to buy everything for her son. “We are inundated as a culture with so many products for our kids that it’s hard to differentiate what we need; it really wears us down,” she says....

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Gardening for Kids Gardening for Kids
The Fun of Growing Their Own

It’s May, and the temperature is rising, as is the sap and green shoots. It’s the perfect time to involve kids in growing their own garden that will get them outdoors, teach them planning and perseverance, and develop...

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Air Care for Kids Air Care for Kids
Keeping the Homefront Allergy-Free

An allergy is a dramatic overreaction of the immune system to environmental agents that are harmless to most people. Antibodies fight allergens with the release of...

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Soothing Anxious Kids Soothing Anxious Kids
Natural Remedies Restore Calm

Kids and teens have always had plenty to be stressed about, such as family finances, parental bickering, the birth of a sibling and other challenges on the home front. Then there are the...

Autism's Gut Brain Axis -  Chinnapong/Shutterstock.comAUTISM’S GUT-BRAIN AXIS
A Promising Approach to Healing

With the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) on the rise—now affecting one in every 59 school-age children, according to estimates from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) —identifying...

Beyond Toys Beyond Toys
Gifts that Evoke Kids’ Creativity

Choosing thoughtful gifts for kids can be a challenge, especially when opting for creativity over this year’s hot toy. It’s possible to find gifts that appeal to both parent and child, involving the whole family or working as solo projects. Some expand beyond...

Nurturing Creative KidsNurturing Creative Kids
Hobbies Engage and Grow Healthy Kids

Unplugging with creative and fun activities fosters skills that can last a lifetime. Studies published by the National Endowment for the Arts Office of Research & Analysis show that...

Healing Our KidsHealing Our Kids
Reversing a Rising Tide of Chronic Conditions

The statistics are startling—as many as a quarter to one half of American children now have a diagnosed chronic condition, according to studies that include one in Academic Pediatrics that includes obesity. Over the last few decades, the number of children with...

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Build a Bento Box Lunch for KidsBuild a Bento Box Lunch for Kids
Pack Five Foods for Fun, Flavor and Health

Old-style rectangular metal lunchboxes are passé. New, convenient compartmentalized containers inspired by the Japanese bento box and Indian tiffin allow parents to pack up to five different, colorful and...

Holley Grainger, a mother of two in Birmingham, Alabama, took photos of the healthy lunches she packed—all 125...

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