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Awake Parenting

Raising Connected, Confident Kids

by Judith Fertig

Awake Parenting

One of the greatest challenges parents face is connecting with their children in deep and meaningful ways. The aim of awakened families is to raise strong and emotionally resilient children...

Books that Kids Will Love

Advice for Parents from Award-Winners

by Randy Kambic

Books that Kids Will Love

While kids may list movies, video games, music downloads and other media featuring their favorite athlete, actor or music star as priority holiday gifts, books will expand their thoughts, curiosity and...

School Om Work

Kids Calm Themselves with Meditation

by April Thompson

Kids Meditation

Schoolchildren are learning the calming effect of tuning into their minds and bodies through a pioneering program in Baltimore, Maryland, that’s replacing...

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Outdoor Learning Engages the Whole Child

by Meredith Montgomery


Nature-based schools provide a child-centered, guided discovery approach to early learning that appeals to kids, parents and teachers and offers...

Tonsillectomies Help Only Temporarily, Image: CANDYBOX IMAGES/SHUTTERSTOCK.COMResearchers from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, in Nashville, Tennessee, examined the effectiveness of tonsillectomies in...

Fresh Looks at Autism

Focusing on a Child’s Optimal Potential

by Linda Sechrist

Fresh Looks at Autism

A new paradigm shift regarding autism spectrum disorder (ASD) centers on evolving beliefs about the possibilities for those living with autism, as well as the unimagined...

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Fun Ways to Get Outside This Summer

Be a Kid Again With Your Own Family

by Sandra Murphy

Fun Ways to Get Outside This Summer

Summer is calling and so is the great outdoors. Here are some super vacation sites, inviting activities and ideas to spark summer fun with...

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Silencing Cyberbullies

How to Defuse Bad Actors

by by April Thompson

Silencing Cyberbullies

Whether it’s a damaging rumor posted on Facebook, a humiliating photo shared on Instagram or a threatening text, cyberbullying is increasing among today’s youth. A 2015 Cyberbullying Research Center study of...

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Keep Decay Away

Kids Do Best with Holistic Dentistry



According to a 2012 New York Times story, “Preschoolers in Surgery for a Mouthful of Cavities,” more dentists nationwide are recommending that children be administered general anesthesia at hospitals due to...

The Wild and Wooly Teen Brain

What Kids Need from Us to Grow Wise



Peer pressure and body consciousness are universal challenges facing teens and their parents. Experts find that by modeling...

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