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Earth-Friendly Pets Earth-Friendly Pets
Our Animals Can Go Green, Too

Although cats and dogs don’t require much more than food, a cozy napping spot and human attention, U.S. pet owners spent $95.7 billion last year on their furry companions, according to the 2019...

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Coronavirus Pet Safety Coronavirus Pet Safety
Facts and Tips for Dog and Cat Owners

There are many types of coronavirus. COVID-19 is new—a novel coronavirus—and there are currently no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in dogs or cats. Dogs can become infected with a canine...

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Needles Work Wonders on Pets

Needles make most pet parents cringe, but those used for acupuncture don’t hurt animals, they help. They are what traditional Chinese veterinary medicine has used for thousands of years to enhance blood circulation, balance the nervous system and promote...

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Kibble Quandary Kibble Quandary
A Fresh Look at Pet Food

Eating healthy is a family affair, and that includes the family pet. However, what works for humans may be less than optimal for Fluffy or Fido, as each requires a species-specific...

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Pain Relief for Pets Pain Relief for Pets
Prolotherapy Gives Joints New Life

Brian Engler, of Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, was asked to provide hospice care for a senior Akita. Tadao was underweight, weak, arthritic and had been severely neglected. He needed a...

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Dealing With Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome

As dogs and cats get older, they may slow down or have other physical issues. Some experience cognitive decline which resembles Alzheimer’s disease in humans. It presents differently in every pet and can include numerous symptoms that begin...

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Perfect Pet Presents Perfect Pet Presents
Safe and Eco-Smart Toys

The pet aisles are so full of squeaking, plush and colorful toys it can make a dog or cat parent’s head spin like a Frisbee. Add blinking lights, flavors, promises of higher intelligence or...

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Coming Home to Roost

Locavores with a hankering for fresh, organic eggs produced close to home have sparked a resurgence in backyard chicken keeping; even people that don’t like omelets are...

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Paws to Consider Paws to Consider
Best Friends Waiting for Homes

Wade Breunig, of Buckeye, Arizona, had lost his marriage, his job and his house. To combat depression, he went to the local animal shelter to adopt the first cat that “talked” to him. As if on cue, a 2-year-old black cat...

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Natural Remedies for Allergies to Furry Friends

Jessica Martinez, a medical assistant and part-time dog groomer in Rockford, Illinois, was growing her family—a husband, two daughters and a young beloved husky. When their third daughter was born with...

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