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Beyond Antibiotics Beyond Antibiotics
Pets Can Heal With Natural Approaches

Like people, pets can develop allergies to medications that are overprescribed, including antibiotics, which also have a long list of side effects—many of which are...

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Vet Check Vet Check
Treating the Whole Pet

About 10 years ago, Kim Krouth’s dog, Buckeye, was suffering from severe allergy symptoms. The mixed-breed shepherd was licking and biting her paws until her toe pads were...

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Nontoxic Lawn Care Nontoxic Lawn Care
Protecting Pets and the Planet

Warmer weather has arrived, and so begins many homeowners’ annual quest for a well-nourished, weed-free lawn. However, the grass isn’t always greener—or healthier...

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What We Need to Know

With the explosion of cannabidiol (CBD) products on the human medical scene, many pet owners are
looking into this hemp plant derivative as a natural means of medicating their...

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Get Off on the Right Paw

There’s nothing as endearing as a big-eyed kitten hopping sideways across the floor or curled into a small ball of fluff on our lap. Getting a new kitten started off on the right foot will...

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When Allergies Put the Bite on Pets

Springtime doesn’t just mean warmer weather, colorful flowers and greening grass. It also brings seasonal allergies. For pets, it can be a miserable time of year, because...

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Essential Oils for Pets Essential Oils for Pets
How to Use Them Safely

Essential oils are derived from plant-based sources, leading people to equate natural with safe; but that’s not always the case. Knowing how and when to...

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Canine Conundrum - Africa Studio/Shutterstock.comCANINE CONUNDRUM
Controversy 'Dogs’ Grain-Free Diet

Just like their people, dogs are prone to allergies, and pinpointing a cause and cure can be complicated. The maddening itching and scratching that allergic dogs experience can emerge from many factors, including changes in cleaning supplies, chemically treated grass at the park or...

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Pet-Safe Holidays Pet-Safe Holidays
Tips to Keep Them Merry and Safe

Holidays promise joy and celebration, but the festivities can also lead to stress and anxiety for people and pets. It is important to remember that visiting strangers, a tree, shiny ornaments, gifts to sniff and food to beg for can...

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Give Rover a RubdownGive Rover a Rubdown
Massage Keeps a Dog at Peak Health

"Animals have performed massage on themselves or others since the dawn of time through natural grooming behaviors,...

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