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Yoga to Heal Trauma, Image: merfin/AdobeStock.comYoga to Heal Trauma  
Soothing Poses Calm the Nervous System  

Getting on the yoga mat can be a powerful stress-buster that lowers blood pressure and excessive cortisol, but yoga can offer an added boon for those living with the lasting effects of traumatic events. Trauma-informed yoga (also called trauma-sensitive yoga) is a promising therapeutic branch of...

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Conquering Chronic Pain, Image: stanciuc/AdobeStock.comConquering Chronic Pain  
How the Body-Mind Connection Works  

For three decades, David Hanscom was a top-ranked orthopedic surgeon in Seattle who daily put the scalpel to injured, deformed and twisted spines. Privately, he writhed in pain himself. He was beset over 15 years with...

Foraged Fungi Fare, Image: ivan kmitAdobeStock.comForaged Fungi Fare  
Cooking with Wild Mushrooms  

Wild mushrooms can infuse exciting new flavors and textures into familiar dishes, along with a taste of the local terroir, the natural habitat, from woods to plate...

Art's Embrace, Image: agsandrew/AdobeStock.comArt's Embrace  
Healing Through Creativity  

Art can be a powerful force for healing. Its potential manifests in a disabled man’s triumphant dance or cancer patient’s stirring self-portrait. Throughout America, art’s redemption takes center stage at hospitals, nursing homes, jails and homeless shelters. Even an entire city can be transformed when...

Horses as Healers, Image: sushytska/AdobeStock.comHorses as Healers  
Equine Therapy has Physical and Emotional Benefits  

Horses are being increasingly used to help people work through emotional and physical challenges, and for good reason: Numerous studies have shown that equine-assisted therapy helps with anger, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and dissociative or other...

The Power of the Written Note, Image: jacob lund/AdobeStock.comThe Power of the Written Note  

Birthdays, weddings, holidays and other momentous occasions have long been celebrated with cards and letters. The rise of emailing, texting and social media has made writing letters a forgotten treasure as many of us have instead come to...

Healthy Cookware, Image: fotofabrika/AdobeStock.comHealthy Cookware  
How to Choose Non-Toxic Pots and Pans  

Organic and locally sourced foods are eco-friendly and contribute to better health, a greener world and thriving communities. However, once the food is cooked, it may no longer be...

Shedding Light on Lightbulbs, Image: led supermarket/pexels.comShedding Light on Lightbulbs  

Don’t be left in the dark when choosing lightbulbs. Lighting accounts for up to 20 percent of a household’s energy bill, and untold numbers of bulbs end up in landfills. Let’s illuminate some bulb options to increase savings and...

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Creative Kids, Image: jacob lund/AdobeStock.comCreative Kids  
How to Nurture Imagination  

Young children are naturally curious and inventive, yet research shows that their creative thinking skills peak at around age 6 and start to decline once they start formal schooling—a trend that’s...

Enzyme Deficiencies, Image: Related Health Issues and Common Solutions 
- Life consists of countless biochemical processes. Breathing, digesting food, and even swallowing each requires specific chemical reactions. Enzymes allow all these chemical reactions to happen. Quite literally, enzymes make life...

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